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Elevate Your Game with Topspin's Table Tennis Fitness Program!

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing fitness initiative designed to take your table tennis skills to the next level!

Program Highlights:

🗓️ Start Date: October 4th 🕡 Time: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM 🏢 Venue: Centru Familja Karmelitana, Birkirkara

Our 12-session program, led by the highly qualified fitness coach and instructor, Matthew Bartolo, is your opportunity to supercharge your performance on the table.

What to Expect:

🏋️‍♂️ HIIT Training: High-Intensity Interval Training to boost your stamina and endurance. 💪 Sport-Specific Strength Training: Tailored exercises to enhance your table tennis skills. 🧘‍♀️Continuous Fitness Testing: Regular assessments to track your progress.

🙌 Expert Guidance: Matthew brings a wealth of experience to help you reach your peak performance.

This program is a game-changer, and we're limiting spots to ensure personalized attention. The price for all 12 sessions is just €120, an incredible value for the transformation it promises.

🚨 Book Your Spot Today! 🚨

It's first-come, first-served. Don't miss this chance to elevate your game. The deadline to secure your spot is September 21st. To enroll, simply send us a message on our socials.

Get ready to power up your table tennis skills and dominate the game like never before!

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