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L-Intervista on TVMsport with Head Coach Edward Baldacchino

Updated: Jan 2

What did our Head Coach Edward Baldacchino had to say on TVMsport.

Our Head Coach, Edward Baldacchino gave a very insightful interview on l-Intervista, hosted by Andrea Aquilina.

This interview delved deep into the history of our Head Coach, Edward’s remarkable achievements in the world of table tennis. Shedding light on the inspiration that fuels his passion. The vision as Head Coach of Topspin Table Tennis Academy was shared, highlighting the dedication we have in nurturing the next generation of table tennis stars.

The interview also turned the spotlight on the vibrant growth of table tennis within Malta, a testament to the collective efforts of players, coaches, and enthusiasts.

We extend our gratitude to Andrea Aquilina and l-intervista team for this informative discussion that further promotes the love for sports and the invaluable role of table tennis in Malta.

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