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Gearing Up for the Junior National Championships!

The highly anticipated National Championships are quickly approaching, and table tennis enthusiasts have an exciting opportunity to participate at the highest level and display their talents. Excitement is in the air. At Topspin Table Tennis Academy, we are getting ready for these esteemed competitions, working with our athletes and students to maximize their potential and recognize their accomplishments on a national level. 🏓

The National Championships boast an action-packed schedule with events covering a variety of age groups and sports. There will be close battles and tight rivalry. Every event offers athletes a different chance to push themselves, test their skills, and aim for excellence. From the youngest talents in the Under 11 division to the seasoned players in the Under 21 division. 💪🏆

Here's a glimpse of the events lined up for the National Championships:

Monday 18th March:

  • Under 11 Boys Singles

  • Under 11 Girls Singles

  • Under 11 Open Doubles

  • Under 19 Boys Doubles

Friday 22nd March:

  • Under 13 Boys Singles

  • Under 13 Girls Singles

  • Under 21 Boys Doubles

  • Under 21 Girls Doubles

Saturday 23rd March:

  • Under 15 Boys Singles

  • Under 15 Girls Singles

  • Under 15 Open Doubles

  • Under 21 Mixed Doubles

Sunday 24th March:

  • Under 19 Boys Singles

  • Under 19 Girls Singles

  • Under 19 Girls Doubles

  • Under 19 Mixed Doubles

Monday 25th March:

  • Under 21 Boys Singles

  • Under 21 Girls Singles

  • Under 13 Open Doubles

The Junior National Championships are currently accepting applications, and they will be accepted through March 8th at midnight. In order to take part, candidates must send their applications by the deadline to

Topspin Table Tennis Academy is making every effort to be ready as the championship countdown approaches. Our committed coaches and team put out endless effort to give our athletes the direction, encouragement, and preparation they require to succeed in competition. We are dedicated to making sure that our students are prepared to give their best performance and make us proud, with an emphasis on skill development, strategy refining, and mental preparation. 🏆

As we set out on this thrilling road towards the National Championships, where champions will be crowned and dreams come true. Let's set goals and targets, put in a lot of effort, and pursue success as a team while proudly and passionately representing Topspin Table Tennis Academy!

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